Interview: The boys behind Salumeria.

salumeria cheese and charcuterie


Salumeria has been going from strength to strength. But who are the people behind it and what do they do exactly? Read more right here!


Who are the people behind Salumeria?

Salumeria is a small Cheese & Charcuterie outfit and it comprises mainly of two brothers, Max and Pablo. In business they’ve been self employed for a long time. Taking after their main mentor and role model; Jean. Their handy, strong willed and ever imaginative father.

We consider ourselves to be a family business as everyone helps to pull the rope. Our mother and sister whilst not active in the day to day running still serve as a support network, just like our girlfriend/wife and our sister’s boyfriend. Not only them but our extended family and friends are always there for us, every step of the way.

Catering event and help is needed? No problem, we always have many familiar faces that want to get their hands elbow deep in Cheese & Salami!

wedding catering

Is Salumeria a Catering Company?

We started out in 2016 with this venture, apart from having a detergent shop, the brothers thought it high time to start off with a long time passion of theirs.

salumeria malta

Cheese , Salami and all delicious things in between. We wanted to create a high quality delicatessen of sorts that would specialise in cheese and salami. What we mean by specialise does not necessarily mean that we wanted to have the largest range of Artisanal produce on the island. Larger supermarkets have counters that may be double or triple the size of ours. The difference for us lies in knowledge, attention to detail and quality.

We did not initially open up with the intention of becoming a Catering Company and there is still a long way to go. But we like to keep our options open, as business is always evolving.

But we’ve seen you in Weddings right?

Yes definitely!
Coincidentally Steve, a close friend of ours came up to us and asked us if we’d like to set up a cheese table at his wedding.
We’d been serving platters through Facebook made upon order for a while and this tickled his fancy. After getting nowhere with a multitude of caterers for many reasons he turned to us and we jumped on the opportunity.
It was a beach wedding with many guests (over 650 if we remember correctly) and it went down like a charm!

catering in malta

We had so much positive response from people that we immediately signed ourselves up for the up and coming Weddings Fair held in November. From the response by word of mouth beginning with Steve & Zana’s Wedding and the bookings at the fair, our calendar started filling up!

So now Salumeria does Weddings?

Yep! We definitely do.

Just come in contact with us and we will quote you for your wedding. We also do other events, no matter the size. From wedding anniversaries, to baptisms, birthdays or office parties we’re always ready to take on the next event!

What’s included in the Salumeria Cheese & Charcuterie table?

In a word, what you see is what you get!
We know that we can only grow and be recommended if the couples who entrust us are truly happy with our presentation and produce. So we make sure to deliver perfection, every time.

malta catering

No two weddings are the same, there are so many factors that make each reception unique. We understand that this is a once in a life time event, the marriage of a couple so we want to ensure that we completely focused on our task at hand. This is why we do not take on more work than we can handle. This also keeps us exclusive.

We offer a range of cheese and charcuterie and display it all in our signature unique antique style, from antique weighing scales to real oak platter boards. We display an authentically styled table that fits so well with many of Malta’s beautiful wedding venues.

Is the Wedding video we see on facebook also included?

Yes! So far this is also included! We cannot guarantee for how long we will be able to keep this up, but we vow to be able to do this small video for as long as possible. But everyone who is currently booking has this small video included in their package.
Click here to see what we’ve done for the great couples so far!

How do we get a quote?

You decided that we’re the ones for your Cheese & Charcuterie for your wedding reception? That’s great, we would really be delighted.
Just come in contact with us on Facebook and ask us anything you might still need to know. Like us of Facebook, click here
You can also follow us on Instagram to keep up with what’s going on, click here

What info do we need to provide?

Here’s the info below!weddings malta

The future of Salumeria?

To say the least its a bright one! We’re working on improving our stand. A new and improved version is in the making, we’re always looking at improving our image. For the sake of the wedding couple and ourselves.

We are also in the process of getting close to offering a second service during weddings. We’ve got the savoury on lock down with our cheese and charcuterie, now think of something cute and sweet!

To top it all off we are looking for the perfect location to re-locate Salumeria. Currently we are situated inside a shop in Birkirkara, this is not optimum, but good things come to those who wait so we’re being patient for the right venue to come along. Do you know of somewhere for us? Click here to read more about what we are looking for 😉


Anything you forgot to mention?

Ohh yes! First of all, congratulations if you are close to tying the knot! One of us just got married recently so we know exactly what it means! If you want to know more about that you can read more about it, click here to read it.

Also we will be taking part in the next wedding fair at MFCC Ta’ Qali , due sometime in November. Come visit us, we will unveiling our new mysterious sweet product!

malta wedding

We look forward to meeting you, Pab & Max.

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