Salumeria on Get Hitched!

What’s get hitched?

The Story of Get Hitched

Communication between vendor and customer has never been desirably efficient in Malta, and among other things when planning a wedding that can only add to the stress of it all. The hassles anyone planning a wedding in Malta are always a hot topic of conversation – just take a scroll across any of the numerous Wedding Talk – Malta pages and you’ll see what we mean. When one of the founders and his fiancee decided to wed, they realised this wall all to true and found that many business were already fully booked on their chosen date, took too long to respond to enquiries or wouldn’t respond at all!

Whilst discussing the impacts this can have on any couple, we came up with an idea of an easy-to-use online platform for anyone looking to plan their wedding to use to source services for their wedding without a hitch – and thus Get Hitched was born.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.55.21 am

A first of its kind, Get Hitched is a personal virtual wedding planning assistant that allows the users to maintain complete control over their pre-nuptial aspirations. The site reads like fill-in-the-blank book, paving a unique path for the user to record their wedding wants and needs which then sends the credentials to a number of local businesses who are then encouraged to respond with a quote as soon as possible. When a vendor accepts, the requester is alerted of the choice and is able to take things further with anyone that has responded.

Get Hitched is a homegrown concept that puts the people first. All vendors are local businesses, but the site is open for use by both Maltese couples and those abroad who are looking to marry in Malta. It couldn’t get any better…

…except it could because it’s completely free to use!

Why is Salumiera on Get Hitched?


We believe that the future of booking wedding services in Malta is through these kind of services. Plus the guys over at Get Hitched are also a cool bunch!

The set up was really simple, and since getting listed (2-09-18) we have already received five requests!

Needless to say, our Salumeria Cheese & Charcuterie Wedding table is now available on this great new service!

What’s more, they’ve got a great offer!

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.47.51 am

Book us through their website and get €100 cash back! Sounds amazing right? Simply click here and start organising your wedding! 😉

If you want to jump straight to our category, just click here!

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