The branch of cooking dedicated to meat products. From Salami to Hams, Pate’s and everything in between. Here at Salumeria we expel all our knowledge about these fine products on this page.


Charcuterie was originally intended as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration. Today we celebrate salami at our Salumeria for the flavour that is derived from the preservation process.

The term Charcutier which is a French word for the person who prepares charcuterie is translated into English as: ” Pork Butcher” which mistakenly leads to believe that Charcuterie can only involve Pork. Although the vast majority of produce does involve pork, it is definitely not limited to the pig. We at Salumeria celebrate the hog but also offer other cured meats like Beef , Veal , Duck and Venison.


Our Charcuterie Products

Some of the cured salamis and other charcuterie items that we offer:

Salami Milano | Salami Napolitano | Coppa Di Parma | Speck Affumicato | Spinata Calabrese | Serrano Ham | Chorizo |Salchichón | Mortadella | Soppressata | Pastrami | Ventricina | Spanish Thigh Ham.


Want to learn more about these fine products? Just click on the product and read more. Whilst we do our best to keep these items under continuous stock throughout the year we cannot guarantee it at any point in time. We have seasonal items that come in stock and others where supply may be low that fall out of our display. We work hand in hand with various parties to keep on increasing our variety, depending on demand.


Salumeria Curing Project

2018 is the year that Salumeria dives deep into the salumeria world to produce our very own range of charcuterie. We will be keeping this space updated with the latest in what’s going on with us at Salumeria. To find out more click here.