At Salumeria we offer our clients a range of artisanal Cheese. We do not focus on having the most cheese available to our clients, we rather share our in depth knowledge of cheese and offer our customers a truly unique experience when entering our Salumeria.

Cheese is one of the world’s only living foods. It’s hard to conceive but yes, cheese is alive. Made up of billions of organisms in each block.

Cheese Classification

Broad Strokes 

Cheese is normally classified in 3 different categories, the Soft , Medium and Hard Cheese. Apart from that cheese has a multitude of sub categories which further specify what sets it apart from another.

Apart from the general texture of cheese another broad classification would be the milk. Cow milk, buffalo, Sheep or Goat milk, are amongst the more popular. But this classification is not limited to these three different subcategories as cheeses may be made with blends of one or more of these milks.
That being said, our first classification is not set in stone either as some particular cheeses also exist in more than one texture category.

Basically, where the cheese is made. This is quite a touchy subject for cheesemakers and others in the industry. Empirically terrior would be the ultimate individual factor for a cheese because the surroundings where it is made is what gives it, its ultimate characteristics. Due to technology however these things are changing, for this reason many governments and boards have set up stringent rules and regulations on their beloved cheese. This in order to impose terrior, thus keeping the cheese in its original intended form. A whole school of debate surrounds these regulations.

Want to know more about cheese? Click below on the particular cheese and learn more with us at Salumeria. Do you have any tips or suggest any corrections, please send them in. We are on a journey, learning more about cheese as we go along with you.

Here’s a current list of the cheese we currently stock. This is not a definitive list as other cheeses come and go, depending upon season.
Gbejna | Parmigiano Reggiano | Grana Padano | Provolone Piccante | Old Amsterdam | Manchego | Brie | Gruyere | Stilton | Blue Cheese | Goat Cheese | Marken Gouda | Marken Cheeselets