Welcome to our Salumeria Cheese and Salami page. At Salumeria we offer our clients in depth information about the products we offer and others that either sparked our imagination or have in mind to start bringing in the near future.



In this cheese section we do our best to offer as much information as possible, for those who love cheese as much as we do.
We do our best to try and show our passion and hopes it comes through. Click here to see our Cheese page at Salumeria.




For those lovers of anything Hog, we’ve got the page dedicated to you 😉 Keep in touch with everything charcuterie with us at Salumeria by clicking on the picture above or just click here.
There is a whole world of Salami that we are discovering and we’d love for you to learn more about what we are doing. From curing our own salami or pates to discovering everything else in between. We even have our new section “Salumeria Curing Project” which is dedicated to Curing meats in Malta, including our research, backstory and results.