This is a whole muscle Salami, a great one. Whilst this great salami is name protected, “Di Parma” = From the Parma region. This means that this product is not able to be produced anywhere else in the world. However other similar salumi not produced in Parma would be named simply as Coppa or in the United States also known as Capocollo.
The muscle used in the production of this Salumi comes from the neck region when the hog is butchered European (Italian) style. In Europe we have a longe and more traditional history when butchering pigs. This style of butchering follows the contours of the animal much more than the American counter parts. Knowing the anatomy of the pig intimately allows for the extraction of a larger whole muscle within the neck / shoulder region. American butchery follows the advent of machinery butchering, splitting the animal in more manageable equal parts. This would ease the handling of the large animal in this particular case, comes at a cost of losing 1/3 of the whole muscle during extraction. The cut eventually shrinks another 30% during curing and drying. Point being that American Capocollos tend to be smaller than the European counterparts.

Being a whole muscle salami, the quality of the meat is of supreme value as there is minimum influences from aromatics except from what may be steeped during the curing fase from the rub and curing salts.

This cured Salami is a bedrock of Charcuterie, and should be a prominent feature in any Salumeria worth its salt 😉

We at Salumeria will be producing our own range of Charcuterie this year, with the Coppa di Malte development high on our agenda.