Background Research.

Duck breast Prosciutto is said to be a great entry into the world of curing. Without wanting to bite off more than we can chew, we at Salumeria decided this was the way to go.

From our background research, we found that Duck prosciutto seems to be an old Italian-Jew tradition. Should this be successful, venturing over to Goose Prosciutto would be the next step (if we are able to source it) as it is said to be even more flavourful.

The duck raised for Foie Gras is called a Molard, to make this Cured “Ham” any duck breast is possible. duck-salumeria

Salt cured with herbs, and other aromatic spices. Our Duck Breasts are currently curing. After the appropriate curing time, we wrap it up in cheesecloth and hang it out for drying out. After the whole process is done, we will be posting photos and measure out the success of Salumeria’s first Prosciutto albeit it being a Duck Breast Prosciutto.

Resources and inspiration:

Honest Food | Salted and Styled | Heneedsfood