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Our Strengths at Salumeria.

We at Salumeria are able to help multiple industries, from the Catering Industry to Events Management. Our Deep understanding for Cheese, Salami and sense of harmony sets us apart from the crowd. We do not do business for just profit’s sake, this industry is one of passion and we strive for excellence in quality and presentation.
Like this we are building a brand from the ground up with principals that will ensure a long term name in the Maltese Market.

Caterers and Event Managers

We in fact do not look at caterers in Malta as competition. Rather we admire the household names in the industry, respect the history of their beginnings and inspire ourselves with their stories of success. With Caterers we can offer our specialization in the Cheese and Salami field, offering our set up and produce in a side by side manor during large events and weddings. We never wish to impose ourselves upon the established caterers on the island, merely ask for the opportunity to help pull off an amazing event together.
Just how we admire the amazing organization skills and imagination of event planners. We are humbled everytime we are asked to take part in functions, private events, Incentives or festivals. We understand the risks these people go through to have successful parties. The industry is cutthroat, you are only as successful as your last event. So we do our best to ensure that we do our part and give every event our 100%.

Bars , Restaurants & Cafes

So much time and effort goes into prep and ensuring everything remains fresh and in top form. For this reason we work hand in hand with proprietors helping out, ensuring that one detail is always thought for. These solutions that we offer are completely tailored to each specific venue. There is no menu or formula, for this section of Salumeria.
We can offer Cheese , Salami and other spreads in an infinite number of ways, presentations and varieties.

A wine bar might want freshly prepared Salumeria cuts which then can be assembled for platters. For the wine bar we may offer our signature Salumeria boards, we could also prepare the platters in a Ready to Serve style.

We also have to availability to cut and pre-pack any hams , salamis and/or cheeses for Boutique hotels , cafes or restaurants. Ensuring a quality tailor made product to cater for each and every industry’s needs. This may work out to less staff and overheads for an establishment with a super scalable solution during high , medium and low seasons. We offer high turnaround with delivery of our quality products to ensure that our clients are never caught without enough during those intense and important moments.
Offering a quality and personal product may help decide the identity and style of an establishment and our deep knowledge and understanding of the Salumeria industry helps proprietors give off the image they wish to push. In essence your silent partner who wishes nothing more than to help you succeed.


Just come in contact with us, we look forward to hearing about your business, vision and how we can help.