Welcome to the Menu workings page at Salumeria. We believe that our clients want to know what they are consuming. For this reason , whilst working on our menu, during our research and whenever we create a meal we’re also tallying calories for you so you don’t have to. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all the ingredients we use in our meals starting from the more popular ingredients, all the way down to the naughty but sinfully tasty calorie bombs!

All ingredients and Calories are written on a 100gr serving.

 Salumeria Menu Calorie workings
Lettuce 100gr 14 cal
Tomato 100gr 18 cal
Cucumber 100gr 15 cal
Carrots 100gr 41 cal
Onions 100gr 40 cal
Bell Peppers 100gr 28 cal
Smoked Salmon 100gr 200 cal
Lemon Juice 100gr 22 cal
Rucola 100gr 25 cal
Salumeria Feta Cheese 100gr 264 cal
Smoked Back Bacon 100gr 897 cal
Olives 100gr 81 cal
Oven Cooked Chicken Breast 100gr 144 cal
Salumeria Salchicion Salami 100gr 368 cal
Salumeria Serrano 100gr 407 cal
Salumeria Spek Affumicato 100gr 700 cal
Cooked Tuna 100gr 184 cal
Shrimps 100gr 71 cal