One of our signature products at Salumeria are our Platter boards. #sharingiscaring.

Our Signature Salumeria Cheese & Salami Platter.img_2695-2.jpg

We at Salumeria offer a mix of cheeses and Salami depending on the season and what is freshest at that given moment.

Our wooden platter board boasts an incredible dimension of 40x50cm. With this large canvas we are able to decorate our grazing boards with enough produce making it an imposing item on anyone’s entertainment table and for any event!

The mantra at Salumeria is to offer a high quality product which our customers can just unwrap seconds before their guests arrive. Our platter is fully loaded down to the galletti.

What makes our Salumeria platters special is our attention to detail. Aside from the main products on our platter we add a selection of different tasters that complement the nibbles displayed on the wooden board. From candied exotic fruit, to a selection of nuts and other bites.

Would you like to order one? Contact us by clicking here.  Or Visit us on Facebook, like our page: Salumeria visit us on chat and send us your order. Kindly try to inform us at least 48 hours in advance of your desired date for a platter. Then pick up on your appointment date.

Our Salumeria Cheese & Salami platter costs €35.00 and we generally advise this for a group of 4 – 6 people, depending on the hunger of the party members.

Apart from the cost of the Platter we also ask for a refundable deposit of €20.00 for our wooden platter boards. We do this to ensure that our boards are taken care of and returned back to us.

Below are some shots of our platters from friends, family and clients of Salumeria!