Salami Milano or Salami Genoa (nearly the same Salami) use identical raw materials an spices to be made. Where they differ is the proportion of pork and beef that is slightly different from each other. The Salami Genoa typically calls for an equal amount of both beef and pork. The Salami Milano tends to be on the slightly porkier side and goes through a finer die when ground.

The Salami Milano tries to use very moderate amounts of flavourings such as garlic and pepper. This Salami calls for the pork and beef do the talking. Differing from Salumi such as Chorizo or Ventricina which are heavily flavoured, these Salumi call for the highest and freshest meat for their production. This is why they tend to command a higher price /kg when purchasing. These salumi are also air dried so it lets nature do its fermentation and curing for this force meat sausage to become edible.

We at Salumeria offer this Salami Milano as it is a base Salami of high quality that is an all round crowd pleaser.