Salami Napoli would traditionally have a smaller gauge than the Salami Milanese for example. This is because whilst the Milano is a very typical salumi that finds its way into ciabattas , the Napoli is more of a table shared salami. It’s produced everywhere in the Campania region and it is historically considered to be one of the high quality salumi of italy. One that would be consumed by professionals and eaten during celebration events.

Again this is a salami that uses minimum aromatic herbs and spices, save some of the typical pepper corns sparsely found in the cut. The Salami is typically made from a combination of shoulder, leg ham, neck and loin. As much sinew and second class meat is removed in preparation to make this salami. Only hard back fat is used and the fat cannot be more than 24% of the mixture, the casing must be the natural intestine casing  of the pig.

The transformation and aging are done following traditional methods and the drying and aging have to be done in ventilated places. While drying the salami is also fumigated. The minimum aging time changes according to the size but it is never less than 30 days.

A superior Salami that we stock at Salumeria. Another versatile salumi that can be appreciated by the masses as it’s not spicy in any way.